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Subject: FW: This is sweet

I don't usually forward emails that I get, but if the puchline is true 
this one is worth it.




Dave Rosenthal
Chief, Juvenile Section
Office of the Corporation Counsel


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Leslie Polss

10/01/01 10:09 AM

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This was emailed to me by a friend this morning:


Many of you are aware that a few weeks ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled
that the state of Missouri cannot discriminate against the Ku Klux Klan
when it comes to groups that want to participate in the adopt-a-highway

While seeing the name of the Klan on a highway sign is aesthetically
disgusting, most realized that this decision was a victory for free
speech and equal protection under the law.

Well, the Department of Transportation in Missouri has gotten its legal
revenge, and boy is it sweet.

True, they can't remove the KKK's adopt-a-highway sign, but no one would
dispute the state's right to name the highway itself.

The KKK is now regularly cleaning up a stretch of the newly christened
"Rosa Parks Freeway."