The end of liberty

Jeff Bone
Mon, 01 Oct 2001 13:23:04 -0500

Marty Halvorson wrote:

> Jeff Bone wrote, "There are many who believe that the right way to identify
> potential terrorists is a bottoms-up approach, using developing humint and
> tracing through the networks.  This results in an explicit and limited
> (read:  practical) "stop list" of potentially dangerous individuals rather
> than a massive (read: impractical) list of mostly innocent people."
> How does this work when potentially dangerous individuals can change their
> "apparent" identification very easily?

Fake IDs may get you into bars when you're 19 y/o but they're usually not
adequate to fool trained security or law enforcement officers.  No need for
DNA, fingerprints, etc...  just checking *everyone's* ID *well* at the point of
departure would be a vast improvement.

> My wife works for an ethnic Turk, a U.S. citizen born in Turkey who arrived
> in the U.S. after receiving his degree.  Everytime he gets on an airplane
> he is detained, and has been for quite some time.  He doesn't seem to mind.
>  Why do you?

The answer is in the question.  Think of all the time / effort / attention
that's *wasted* detaining your Turkish friend.  Now imagine if that effort were
put to productive use rather than just stopping whoever Joe Security thought
"looked suspiscious" ...