How can this be justified?

John Hall
Mon, 1 Oct 2001 12:10:39 -0700

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> >Not really.  It was Kant, who came later, that did that.  It 
> has since 
> >been incorporated into Supreme Court Jurisprudence.
> See
> James Madison's explications behind his reasons for constructing the 
> _entire_ system of the government the way he did.  

Or see his opposition to allowing foreign trade in all ports, rather
than particular ones.  Letting people do what they want and getting rich
has been seen as a problem from Plato through Madison and Jefferson and
on up to Lincoln.

It even pays to be careful about the words.  When Lincoln said "Free
Labor" he didn't mean what the Libertarians mean when they use the

See Democracy's Discontent: American in Search of a Public Philosophy
('98 Sandel).