DeltaV protocol approved as Proposed Standard

Jim Whitehead
Mon, 1 Oct 2001 12:19:53 -0700

I'm very pleased to announce that today the IESG approved the DeltaV
Protocol as a Proposed Standard.  The DeltaV protocol [1] extends the WebDAV
protocol [2] to provide capabilities for versioning and configuration
management. DeltaV, like WebDAV, is an extension to HTTP, and thus this
protocol has the effect of turning a Web server into a platform for remote
collaborative development of software projects, large documentation efforts,
or any large collection of inter-related information.

The Subversion project [3] is the furthest along in creating a complete
solution based on DeltaV -- they recently announced the start of
self-hosting, using Subversion in the development of Subversion. Xythos
WebFile Server [4][5] has implemented the DeltaV specification on the server
side, and provides free test accounts on their Sharemation site [6].

With approval of the DeltaV protocol, the specification enters the RFC
editor's queue. Typically there is about a month's delay between approval
and publication as an RFC, meaning an RFC number is imminent.

Now we get to focus on implementations, interoperability, and solving
real-world problems with this technology.


- Jim