NYTimes: email from Israel

Russell Turpin deafbox@hotmail.com
Tue, 02 Oct 2001 06:29:57 +0000

Mike Masnick writes:
>You are putting your own world view (that religion is "bad") into this 
>argument without any rationale. ..

I'm not arguing that religion is bad. I'm arguing that
STATE religion is bad. There is a very strong rationale
for that. It is almost the same rationale that a STATE
race is bad.

>Besides, I might put some weight behind your argument if the fight in 
>Israel was *about* creating a secular democracy - but it's not.  It's about 
>making it a Muslim country, or keeping it as a Jewish homeland. ..

You greatly underestimate what I advocate. My view is
that the UN should take a stance against Islamic
governments, the same way now it takes a stance against
white governments. I'm not pushing just for Israel to
become a secular government. I'm pushing for Kuwait,
Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Syria, and Iraq to become
secular governments. As long as the battle is whether
this piece of land should be Muslim or Jewish, we will
suffer this kind of terrorism. The answer is: it should
be neither. Land shouldn't be Muslim or Jewish.
Governments shouldn't be Muslim or Jewish. People
should be whichever they choose to be.

And yes, I realize this is a long road. Arguing now
for the elimination of state religion is like arguing,
in 1950, for the elimination of communism. Or arguing
in the 18th century for the elimination of slavery.
But slavery is now outlawed everywhere, and practiced
only in a few remote areas. The wall fell. When Castro
dies and North Korea changes its ways, we will be rid
of communism. State religion is to the 21st century
what communism was to the 20th century.


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