Idea: A conduit for corporate funding of free software

Gregory Alan Bolcer
Tue, 02 Oct 2001 09:41:41 -0700

They used to provide that "something more" which included
breakdown of actual dollar amounts for individual requirements
and also schedules.   They've moved away from it some, but
the idea was there--real, for pay, software engineering complete
with all the accouterments including docs.  Tech writers need
money too. 


Johan Hjelm wrote:
> I think you want something more than they are focussed on the
> infrastructure.
> The problem is that you have to *guarantee* that the requirements get
> implemented, and that it happens on time. Then, there are a few other
> things. One reason companies like Ericsson pay Microsoft a hoard of money is
> that somebody is responsible for fixing bugs - which your idea would
> address. Another reason, though, is that they provide education and various
> other services around the products (or make sure it is provided). Education
> is really important; it is not enough to make the product easy to use, there
> also has to be education providers, people willing to publish "Excel for
> dummies", and so on.