How can this be justified?

Paul Prescod
Tue, 02 Oct 2001 11:43:11 -0700

Jeff Bone wrote:
> To illustrate just how pea-brained this is, let's substitute a few words as
> such:  Israeli <-- American, Arab <-- "Black", Jewishs <-- "White."
> "Now if you were an White American, would you feel comfortable thinking your
> kids or grandkids might live in a mostly-Black state...?"
> Welcome to Idaho.  (Thanks, but no thanks.)

Whites and blacks are about fifty years ahead in race relations in
America. Why do you think that civil rights was such a slow process? Not
just because social change is slow. It was also to give black people a
chance to integrate into American society. The civil rights movement was
mostly non-violent and I believe it succeeded precisely because white
people looked at black people taking blows and showing self-restraint
and they said sub-consciously: "those people are ready to be part of our

Nevertheless, you are in fantasyland if you doubt that immigration laws
are set up to allow people with other cultural backgrounds in only at
the rate that they can be "assimilated" into American culture.
Economically it would probably be best to "open the floodgates" and let
in many more people.
> Now, we get all up in arms whenever anyone else in the world pulls this kind
> of crap, why do we let the Israelis get away with it, indeed, support them
> in doing so?

Jeff: open your eyes! Most of the world is segmented along ethnic
boundaries. What do you think the war in Kosovo was about? It was about
giving Kosovars an unofficial, not-quite-soverighn homeland because they
were abused by the ethnic majority. What was Rwanda about? 

If you were an Israeli would you "trust" that Rwanda could never happen
in Israel? Would you have faith that the governmental systems are so
robust that they could never be corrupted even by people who hate Jews
and Jewish culture and have no democratic tradition? Remember that
Germany was a democracy and probably "color-blind" also.

> For that matter, why do the Jews need a "homeland"?  Why does anyone need a
> "homeland" in this day and age?  

What day and age are you living in, Jeff? One without Cyprus, Northern
Ireland, Rwanda, Kosovo and a hundred other ethic wars? Mere laws cannot
protect ethnic minorities in most parts of the world. It would be
wonderful if they could. But they can't.

> ... Do the Irish practice apartheid?  

Apartheid is not really the issue. (that's the point) Neither side in
the Israel/Palestine claims that apartheid is the issue. It isn't even
on the negotiating table. Neither side wants to live in a shared secular

> ... Is the
> Navajo nation a fortified, segregated piece of land within our territorial
> borders?

Fortified, no. I would presume that the Navajo nation "owns" reserve
land that is essentially segregated as other first nations groups do.

 Paul Prescod