Osama's Top Brass

Jeff Barr jeff@vertexdev.com
Tue, 2 Oct 2001 14:14:17 -0700

I think that some of this "delegation" nonsense allows OBL to delude
himself into thinking that others are responsible for what has

I imagine him as a somewhat vague communicator who might issue
strange half-question/half-statement directives to his direct reports
(hey, might as well continue with the business metaphors). Instead
of making a direct order he might say something like "Hmmm, what would
happen if planes were to crash in to the World Trade Center?" The 
DRs nod in agreeement to what OBL tells himself is a hypothetical
question, and then proceed (as all parties know they will) to carry
out the scheme. Or his DRs bring him ideas, and he nods in assent...

Just my 2 cents worth of free psychological profiling for the day.


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> Osama bin Laden may be public Enemy No. 1 in America's war on
> terrorism, but his is far from a one-man operation. Like any savvy
> CEO, the wealthy Saudi knows how to delegate.

I'm amused by the business metaphor. I'm wondering when bin Laden
a case-study at the Harvard Business School.

-- whump