Geege v. Jeff, the Title Bout (only on FPV - FoRKPerView)

Jeff Bone
Tue, 02 Oct 2001 17:35:56 -0500 wrote:

> i don't have notions of how the world should be - that's your thing.

For crying out loud.  Let's get off the should thing, shall we?  Do we
need an RFC-style document formally defining terms like MUST, SHOULD,
MAY?  Cf. [1]

> your notions are inelastic - i have a problem with inelasticity,
> period.

That's a good attack.  Not sure how to respond to it.  Applying the
concept of elasticity to something as inherently elastic as "notions"
is a bit confusing...  I'll also point out that *you yourself* have in
the past --- not up for a bout of e-mail archaeology, but I'm sure
this is accurate --- accused me of taking positions that aren't stable
*enough* to be taken, i.e. endlessly refining and restating and
shifting positions.  That doesn't sound inelastic, does it?  (Your own
words in that context belie your claim of change-aversion on my part.
Which is it, Geege?  Make up your mind, we can play it either way you
want.  Just be consistent.)  I like to think my process is to take a
position and hold it until and only until a weakness or invalidity or
inconsistency is demonstrated, at which point said position is
repaired if possible or abandoned.  That's the desired process though
I'm sure it isn't always achieved.

Which "inelastic" notions in particular are you talking about?