Tue, 02 Oct 2001 15:48:54 -0800

Geege said.. 

but what matters to us as americans is that we honor what they like 
rather than impose what we like.  to what degree we decide to honor is 
the debate. 

Do you honestly believe this?  If so, I have a few history lessons.  
Germany, Japan, most of South America (re drugs), Russia, China... the 
list can continue

In each case we have hinted, forced or otherwise imposed what we like 
unto the situation.  Sometimes this has been good (we've stopped human 
rights abuses, we've destroyed some of the mass inequality that 
prevailed, or removed slavery) othertimes, its been purely political or 
in my opinon selfish (Kosovo, Iraq).  Could you honestly consience a 
country where rampant abuses were going on (the people were starving, 
denied rights and utterly destroyed by the ruling government -- probably
 numerous examples that my migrane brain isn't coming up with ) and we 
sat by with your mentality of 'we need to honor what they like'? 

I couldn't.