Jeff Bone
Tue, 02 Oct 2001 17:42:20 -0500 wrote:

> but what matters to us as americans is that we honor what they like
> rather than impose what we like.  to what degree we decide to honor
> is the debate.

Only to the extent that it does not threaten our own prosperity,
stability, etc. --- our culture, if you will, or at least its
observable effects.  Once that happens, the gloves are off.  It
doesn't have to be a zero-sum game, but if any party makes it a
zero-sum game, then "we" owe it to ourselves to "win" if we can.  If
as some have suggested this is a showdown between some pretty scary
memes --- secular vs. nonsecular gov't, discrimination vs. equality,
tribalism vs. egalitarianism, pluralism vs. monoculture --- then my
argument would be that we have no obligation to honor the desires of
those whose preferred systems threaten ours by their very existance.
If that's the case --- and whether or not that's the case is another
(and IMO more important) part of the debate.