Christianity, US government, democracy

Gordon Mohr
Tue, 2 Oct 2001 17:40:47 -0700

Gary Lawrence Murphy writes:
> >>>>> "R" == Russell Turpin <> writes:
>     R> ... On the dollar bill in my hand, there is a picture of a
>     R> pyramid.  Does this mean the US government is based on Egyptian
>     R> principles?
> I find it very hard to believe that an educated person would not
> know the meaning of that symbol and why it is on their money.

I was educated. I didn't know. (Do you have a hard time 
believing many things?)

I've probably read the reasoning several times before, but
for some reason the details didn't stick. So, checking, I 

    Q: What is the significance of the symbols on the back of 
       the one-dollar bill? I'm particularly interested in the 
       eye and the pyramid.  

    A: The eye and the pyramid shown on the reverse side of 
       the one-dollar bill are in the Great Seal of the United 
       States. The Great Seal was first used on the reverse of 
       the one-dollar Federal Reserve note in 1935. The 
       Department of State is the official keeper of the Seal. 
       They believe that the most accurate explanation of a 
       pyramid on the Great Seal is that it symbolizes strength 
       and durability. The unfinished pyramid means that the 
       United States will always grow, improve and build. In 
       addition, the "All-Seeing Eye" located above the pyramid 
       suggests the importance of divine guidance in favor of 
       the American cause. The inscription ANNUIT COEPTIS 
       translates as "He (God) has favored our undertakings," 
       and refers to the many instances of Divine Providence 
       during our Government's formation. In addition, the 
       inscription NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM translates as "A new 
       order of the ages," and signifies a new American era.  

- Gordon