NYTimes.com Article: Eastern Middle School

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Wed, 03 Oct 2001 02:18:14 -0500

khare@w3.org wrote:

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> An excellent reminder: fundamentalism can abuse jetliners, but never manufacture them! That civil society -- PTAs and trade shows -- are more important than political society! --RK

Cutting right to the point, our fearless leader as always exercises laser precision...  (no sarcasm at all in this, total sincerity.  Nice sum, RK.)

Criticisms of the text below...

> Why can't we convey that? In part, we're to blame.
> President Bush denigrated Washington during his campaign
> and repeated the selfish mantra about the surplus that
> "it's your money - not the government's money." How
> thankful we are today that we have a Washington, D.C., with
> its strong institutions - FEMA, the F.A.A., the F.B.I. and
> armed forces - not to mention a surplus to help manage our
> way out of this crisis.

And now the political motivation comes out.  Is all this a universally-accepted set of truths?  I don't think so.

> In part we don't talk about these issues so we don't
> embarrass our autocratic allies in the Middle East.

"Political expediency."  Even more than those allies, we don't want to alienate their supporters "back home."  Given their political clout, contributions, and our dependency of
domestic business on the output of those allies, etc...

> A society that will dig until it has found every body in
> the World Trade Center rubble - because at some level it
> believes every individual is created in the image of God -
> a society that raises $600 million for the victims in two
> weeks, is a godless, spiritless place? Guess again.

"It" (our society) doesn't have to be "Godful."  It just has to have a conscience.  Or, more precisely, "it" doesn't have to have (indeed cannot have) anything at all --- the
individuals that make it up have to have those qualities.  We the individuals of the United States have demonstrated these qualities in spades these days...