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Stephen D. Williams sdw@lig.net
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Mr. FoRK wrote:

>>Congo, Afghanistan  (canabalism-derived culture, genocide, abuse of
>>women, death sentences for everything)
> Canabalism culture? In the Congo? I'm from the Congo... got any links to
> back that up?

That comment was based on a mental note based on a newscast/newspaper at 
some point in the last 5 years talking about some tribe in, I believe, 
the Congo, or Zaire, or someplace.

Part of the problem with finding anything on the subject is that when I 
search for Congo/Africa/Canabal all I get are people with 'Canabal' in 
their last names!  What does that tell you?

This link, found with 'canabalism congo' indicates I wasn't far off:


"and the awful story was made known last year of how President 
Mitterand's son encouraged the providing of arms to the Hutu to have a 
genocide of the Anglophone Tutsis. This situation errupts again:

Zaire which is most of the old Belgian Congo is on the border and the 
race types of course are not defined by pre-war colonial borders that 
the modern states in many cases retain. We are dealing with a people 
where canabalism was not unknown in the middle of the 19th century;

where there was great poverty; where the slave trade had debauched the 
coastlands with alcohol and other Western evils. Also, it must not be 
surprising that the treatment of the native labourers by European firms 
anxious to get minerals and timber have all produced jealousies and 
hatreds because it suited the colonial power to accentuate tribal divisions.

So this dreadful blood bath - it is a scandal to the world that no-one 
is preventing it; no-one is attempting to send relief because it is too 
big for everybody at the moment to cope with. In the evil backdrop of 
this whole scheme is, of course, the international armaments trade which 
enables these poor African countries to buy the tools of death."

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