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ThosStew@aol.com ThosStew@aol.com
Wed, 3 Oct 2001 10:52:12 EDT

>From a friend



  For those who don't rememer the mutiny against the British

at the Battle of Lucknow, the following "outside the box"

tactical response could send a very strong message with a very

low pricetag.

  Fly around ten C-130s filled with prime Arkansas razorbacks

over Kandahar during noon prayers and push the hogs out at low

altitude.  Live pig bombs  The top anti-US mullahs would be

taken out. Unholy, filthy pigs flying from the sky, creating a

sea of pig blood in the center of the mosque.  Nobody takes

credit. US denies. Chalk it up to a "rogue operation."

Broadcast Porky Pig cartoons all across the world of Islam.

Drop Porky Pig comics from the sky along with little pigs

feet. All we want is Osama Bin Laden, right.

  The ripple effect would be a tidal wave of shock, creating a

state of pan-Islamic paralysis from Casablanca to Jakarta. It

is the moral equivalent of crashing a couple of planes into

the WTC. And it is the last thing that would be expected from

the stupid Americans.

  Phase II would be to deploy unmarked aircraft carrying

payloads of bombs filled with pigs blood designed to vaporize

before ground contact and have them hit all the dope poppy

fields in Afghnistan, Pakistan, the Bekaa valley, Turkey and

in Colombia. Nobody in those areas will ever go back to grow

dope poppies in those areas once that happens.  Another shock

wave, and a major loss of income for international terrorists

and even some members of our political class.

  Phase III would be to get our asses moving and have those

fucking fuel cell cars ready in five years and when it comes

time to do oil contracts, the US would simply say, sorry, we

don't your oil.

  To destabilize a Jihad in progress, the most unconventional

tactics are necessary.