"Who needs a homeland?" (was: How can this be justified?)

Russell Turpin deafbox@hotmail.com
Wed, 03 Oct 2001 16:56:50 +0000

John Hall writes:
>Attempts to construct 'Modern democracies' in cultures that are hostile to 
>it have not had the effects you wish, and have been spectacularly 

Yep. On the other hand, a large number of cultures have
been seduced by western ways, until they are ripe for
democracy. I'm not suggesting we can or should change
any government tomorrow. I'm suggesting we should turn
up the seduction, with the understanding that this is
going to be a long process, with setbacks along the way.

>Intentionally weakening the forces of assimilation as
>we have done for the last 35+ years is a really _bad_ idea.

I don't know to what you're referring. Can you expand?

>A second Holocaust in Germany in another 50-100 years is not out of the 

When it comes to what might happen, nothing is out of
the question. But if you're betting as to where the next
holocaust might occur, it seems to me that Israel now
would be a more likely site than Germany. The first
prerequisite of holocaust is absolutist ideology and
language. History is full of ironies.


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