"Who needs a homeland?" (was: How can this be justified?)

John Hall johnhall@evergo.net
Wed, 3 Oct 2001 12:25:50 -0700

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> As opposed to relying on the security of Israel ?!?
> You can argue for Israel from fait accompli. Or you can
> argue for it as Jewish homeland. But it hasn't had a
> history long enough -- nor successful enough -- to argue
> for it as a way of guaranteeing the security of Jews,
> vis-a-vis the western democracies.

Weimar Germany was a western democracy.

Anti-Semitism in the US was often intense.  Henry Ford paid to have "The
Protocols" published here, and the KKK targeted Jews, literally and
figuratively.  Anti-Semitism appears to be strongly rooted in the
African American community, or at least in its self-appointed leaders.
It is my impression that outside the US things are generally worse
(though maybe not in Canada).

I don't think the safety provided by western democracies has existed for
much longer than the state of Israel.  At least in Israel, the Jewish
population knows that their government will be on their side no matter
what happens.  I don't think I can say that of any other place on earth
including the US.