Americas Growing Wage-Rent Disparity

John Hall
Wed, 3 Oct 2001 14:15:29 -0700

For Seattle, they list $16.25 to be able to afford a 2 bedroom apartment
working 40 hrs a week.

But a key determinant is that affordable is defined as only using 30% of
your income for housing.  30% is affordable, it is the max level banks
look for when you are trying to buy a house.  But more is possible, just
not pleasant.

Taking that up to 50%, you need two people earning $4.88/hr each.

The real whammy is if you need a car to get to work.  Cars are

Bottom lines:
1. Try real hard to be worth more.
2. Finish HS.
3. Get and stay married.
4. If hard pressed, look into Nursing Homes.  Cleaning bed pans is
disgusting, which is why they are always hiring nurse aides and they
almost always pay better than minimum.
5. Work more than 40hrs per week.

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> "...The national median housing wage, based on each countys 
> housing wage for a two bedroom unit at the Fair Market Rent 
> weighted by Census 2000 population figures, is $13.87 an 
> hour, more than twice the federal minimum wage of $5.15 per 
> hour. This means that on average, there must be more than two 
> full-time minimum wage workers in a household in order for 
> the household to afford a two bedroom housing unit at the 
> Fair Market Rent..."