How can this be justified?

Jeff Bone
Wed, 03 Oct 2001 16:34:32 -0500

Paul Prescod wrote:

> > Nor did I say we have such ability.  We do have (civilized) tools at our disposal, for
> > instance complete economic and social isolation.
> On principle alone. Regardless of the practical consequences.

Nobody suggested "regardless."  These things have to be considered carefully.

> > "Culture" is even more abstract and vague than "ethnicity" or "religion."
> Life is full of vague abstractions. Especially when you are discussing
> sociology and geopolitics. I'm sorry to force you to discuss things you
> are uncomfortable with.

Oh, GMAFB.  The purpose of pointing out that it's vague is to point out that it doesn't really
add much to the conversation without further explication.