It just gets better and better...

Jeff Bone
Thu, 04 Oct 2001 10:17:24 -0500

According to Fox News (I know, I know --- flipping past, saw this on
the ticker) the WHO is tracking an outbreak of Congo-Crimean
Hemorrhagic Fever along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.  With 75
individuals infected and 8 deaths so far this is the largest known
outbreak of CCHF in history.


In other news, a Sibir Airlines Tu-154 with 77 people aboard went
down over the Black Sea en route from Tel Aviv to Siberia earlier
today.  Ukrainian officials say "woops, my bad" --- claim it may have
been shot down accidentally during military exercises.  Russian Prime
Minister Vladminir Putin tells EU Justice ministers it "may have been
an act of terrorism."  But Russian bureaucrats from the Transport
Ministry and domestic security service say an Armenian An-24 flying
nearby reported seeing an explosion on board.  Israel has shut down
all flights out of Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv until further
notice as a safety precaution.  CNN has the story:


Smoking by the gas pumps,