Anti-sssca mailing list now active

Gary Lawrence Murphy
04 Oct 2001 12:09:52 -0400

>From: Steve Litt <>
>Subject: [linux-hack] Anti-sssca mailing list now active

Hi all,

The anti-sssca mailing list is now active. Our first order of business is to 
gather material for an anti-sssca song lampooning the corrupt greed of the 
companies pushing this forward, and the abject stupidity of any legislators 
voting for it.

Any material not making it into the song will doubtlessly be quoted on 
websites all over the place.

You can sign up for the list at

If you have posting rights on any Linux mailing list, please repost this to 
that list.

SSSCA has the potential to prevent you from using GNU/Linux, free software 
and Open Source. Be part of the solution!


Steve Litt
Webmaster, Troubleshooters.Com