It just gets better and better...

Gary Lawrence Murphy
04 Oct 2001 13:01:50 -0400

>>>>> "J" == Jeff Bone <> writes:

    >> oh, now I'm really scared ... except for the small detail that
    >> it is also found across many borders from Turkey to the
    >> Ukraine, and it's been there for 30 years.
    >> Internet to the rescue of sanity once again ;)

    J> Jesus H., Gary, I'm just sharing the info.  Did it sound all,
    J> like, shaky and scared or something?  That whole post was kinda
    J> in the spirit of "well, what next?"

Sorry, Jeff, I didn't mean to imply that you were frightened, only
that this Fox report _may_ be a non-issue and therefore not worthy of
any Subject line of "It just gets better" or any exclamation of "well
what's next?" --- if the report had been of US soldiers in some
Pakistani air base having an epidemic of ebola-51, that's different.

I also wanted to point out how, with just one scan of Google, Internet
is the antidote to the fear-mongering of network news.  Just as I
would ask Google about any posting about Nigerian money-laundering or
Grade 5'ers wanting to plot geographic distribution of their chain
letter, it is important, before we forward /any/ rumour, to at least
do this much to check it out.  "No one tells a lie with such grace
as they who believe it".

It's also worthy to remember the suffering being caused by refugee
camps; fatalities due to preventable causes in such internment camps
for innocents show every indication of once more eclipsing the sum
total military casualties on both sides.  Yes, we are sending them
food and medicine, but I notice there's no comparison of the relief
budget vs, say, the cost of the fuel consumed daily by the US armada.

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