It just gets better and better...

Jeff Bone
Thu, 04 Oct 2001 12:17:27 -0500

Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

"Gary Lawrence."  Does that make you, um, Gary Larry? ;-)  (I'm entitled to
tease about names, look at my own familial... :-/ ;-)

> Sorry, Jeff, I didn't mean to imply that you were frightened, only
> that this Fox report _may_ be a non-issue and therefore not worthy of
> any Subject line of "It just gets better" or any exclamation of "well
> what's next?" --- if the report had been of US soldiers in some
> Pakistani air base having an epidemic of ebola-51, that's different.

Well, haemmorhagic fevers in general are a concern to anybody going into an
area where they exist.  Is this newsworthy?  Maybe if you've got a brother
or cousin or friend who's about to either be shipped over there for military
purposes or who is an aid worker...  you (or they) might want to know the
etiology, distribution, epidemiology, symptoms, etc.  IMO it's newsworthy
because a lot of folks don't associate HFs with non-African locales.  Is it
fearworthy?  I doubt it.  IMO, the world is what it is, fear is pretty
useless.  (For that matter, the news is what it is, and getting shook up
about the news isn't very productive either.)  Greed is a much more
constructive emotion. ;-)

Go Wallstreet! :-)

> I also wanted to point out how, with just one scan of Google, Internet
> is the antidote to the fear-mongering of network news.

I had to google in order to spell hemmorhagic^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H
haemorrhagic correctly. ;-)  There are several good resources on CCFN.