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Gary Lawrence Murphy
04 Oct 2001 13:53:49 -0400

>>>>> "J" == Jeff Bone <> writes:

    J> "Gary Lawrence."  Does that make you, um, Gary Larry? ;-) 

Not to my knowledge; normally it's just Murph, and often Jesus :)
but both are not likely to be productive in a web search.

    J> Well, haemmorhagic fevers in general are a concern to anybody
    J> going into an area where they exist.  Is this newsworthy?

Again, you didn't really say the context of that news story, so if
that was the context, then ok, I'll grant you that.  Did they mention
other deadly diseases/parasites in that area?

Which actually reminds me: Didn't we spend a long time innoculating
troups before Desert Storm?  Why is there no innoculation step this
time?  Probably just military routine that got overlooked as non-news.

    J> ...  IMO it's newsworthy because a lot of folks don't associate
    J> HFs with non-African locales.  

Can't say as I really thought about it.  According to that paper I
cited, it's been out of Africa for nearly 50 years, which would seem
long enough for the word to get out.

Historically, microbiology has always been mankind's greatest foe.

    J> I had to google in order to spell
    J> hemmorhagic^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H haemorrhagic correctly. ;-)

See? Sanity salve /and/ good for writing skills too!  Internet rules.
I'll bet there's a cure for psoriasis there too. (oh, there is indeed
and its a doozie: ;)

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