It just gets better and better...

Jeff Bone
Thu, 04 Oct 2001 12:59:00 -0500

Gary Lawrence Murphy wrote:

> Again, you didn't really say the context of that news story, so if
> that was the context, then ok, I'll grant you that.  Did they mention
> other deadly diseases/parasites in that area?

Nope, it was just scrolling by on the ticker.  It'll take 'em a while to gen
up the shitstorm. ;-)

> Which actually reminds me: Didn't we spend a long time innoculating
> troups before Desert Storm?

Yup, with Anthrax vaccine among other things.  And in the opinion of a Gulf
War vet buddy of mine, that's what caused the whole "Gulf War Syndrome."
But he's certainly no virologist / microbiologist, so take that with a grain
of salt, two aspirin, and don't lose sleep over it. ;-)

> Can't say as I really thought about it.  According to that paper I
> cited, it's been out of Africa for nearly 50 years, which would seem
> long enough for the word to get out.

One would think.  But many don't. ;-)