You know what I *really* wish?

Jeff Bone
Thu, 04 Oct 2001 13:25:12 -0500

Something's been jingling around in the back of my head for a
while...  the discussion today -w- Gary over "newsworthiness" and
Gordon's recent post about his obsession with his own persistent
"presence" on the Web / in Google has me thinking...

(a) One man's bits are another man's noise
(b) Context is *always* good
(c) Better tools for dealing with unstructured (language-based) data
are needed
(d) Structure considered harmful in many contexts
(e) Possible criticism of "semantic Web" current thinking

(c, d, and e aren't really relevant to the following, just included as
they're loosely related...)

I'm toying with the following idea:  why shouldn't *all* e-mail be
publically archived for posterity?  I say store it all, let the
posthumans sort it out.  Our own ability to decide bits from noise is
highly questionable, why shouldn't we provide as much context as
possible for the downstreamers?  (Note to the Future:  I'm doing my
best in that regard, at least with respect to this list.  I sure hope
you Y3K cyberarchaeologists appreciate it, and reward appropriately.
I have simple post-resurrection needs:  developer / builder access to
your shared information space and a small number of top-of-the-line
metamorphic android sex slaves. ;-)