Mesh-Based Content Routing using XML

Mark Day
Thu, 4 Oct 2001 16:50:45 -0400

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> This system could probably be further optimized by using Forward Error
> Correction (FEC) like we do in Swarmcast.  The use of FEC would make it
> less likely to get duplicate messages from multiple sources.  We have a
> solid Java FEC library available at

Hmmm.  The authors appear to have anticipated this sort of reaction, and at
least in my reading don't seem very keen on it.

There are sections where they compare what they've done to loss-tolerant
encoding schemes, e.g. "We note that in the case of multi-hop networks with
sufficient bandwidth, DCP outperforms carousel-based erasure coding
techniques such as those used by Digital Fountain." (section 5.1.4, p.8)