The Untouchables of India

Fri, 5 Oct 2001 14:40:18 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, Carey Lening wrote:

--] I still don't get why a parent would encourage a person to be stuck in
--] a situation that can't obviously be that great.  

While the particulars may be differnet I have come across a smilar
situation here in America. 

Back 10 years ago or so I worked for a real estate concern in NYC. They
owned and ran several "welfare" hotels. These were, and are still last I
checked, older hotels that were used by the city to house otherwise
homeless citizens. I spent lots of time down in
them wireing up networks and the like and got to know some of the people. 

There were some folks who were 3rd generations tenants and well in the
groove to make generation 4 happen. They were born into  the NYC welfare
system and lived, wether by choice or by constriction of the system itself
( I will not get into that now), in such a way as to perpetuate it in deed
and thought.

The level of behavoiral adaption to a f*ed up system such that the system
become both moentray/worth source was and probably still is staggering. 

Knowelge and betterment were, once again either by choice or constraint of
the system, discouraged..vigorusly. Thier place in society was predicated
on thier being a part of the welfare system. 

The effect was a caste like system.

India seems to have a more formalized system while ours , like many things
here, is much more open.

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