Arundhati Roy on September 11

Stephen D. Williams
Thu, 04 Oct 2001 08:30:54 -0400

While I would fully agree that many covert or otherwise dimly perceived, =

in the US, actions by the US government were often ill conceived and ill =

fated, that doesn't mean there was no reason or useful effect.

This diatribe has zero acknowledgment of any motive, success of any=20
kind, or culpability by others.  That is completely unacceptable.  If=20
people in other countries can't even see or acknowledge that there were=20
logical, positive motives in all actions the US, and often really the=20
UN, has taken, they are being both dishonest and willfully ignorant.

Go ahead and argue with the goals, like fighting the Communism meme=20
(Soviet Union, Korea, Cuba, et al) or controlling imperial invasion=20
(Iraq-Kuwait), or genocide (Kosovo, Serbia), but don't act like we just=20
fucked the world up because we are big and powerful.  We're not killing=20
children in Iraq, Saddam is, and the population is letting him, helping=20
him.  America has always had an isolationist instinct, but there are=20
those that convince us, apparently, that a few chess moves down the road =

we're going to be screwed if we don't get involved.  This was certainly=20
true with Communism.  It was certainly true in WWI/WWII.  It is now true =

of 'militant Muslims' that essentially believe that we fundamentally=20
shouldn't exist and are constantly working toward our removal.  It=20
doesn't matter how they got to that point because it isn't a point they=20
will negotiate.  That meme now has to be eradicated purely out of=20
self-defense, which is a right that everyone recognizes.  Telling us we=20
created the monster all by ourselves so we should just let it run its=20
course or try to placate it is disingenuous and not even within reason.

We spend a lot of our own effort, money, and resources trying to help=20
the rest of the world.  The world of crazy people with primitive=20
beliefs, governments, and viewpoints who are constantly trying to kill=20
each other.  It's often a no-win situation but we seem to feel we help=20
more than we hurt or at least prevent even worse results.  Don't blame=20
us for trying and get off your ass and take care of some of the mess=20


Jean Jordaan wrote:

> Most of these points have been made on this list. Arundhati is very
> critical of the US, but not I think unfairly so.
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> 	Arundhati Roy
> 	Guardian
> 	Saturday September 29, 2001
> 	In the aftermath of the unconscionable September 11 suicide
> attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Centre, an American
> newscaster said: "Good and evil rarely manifest themselves as clearly a=
> they did last Tuesday. People who we don't know massacred people who we=

> do. And they did so with contemptuous glee." Then he broke down and
> wept.

> 	Now Bush and Bin Laden have even begun to borrow each other's
> rhetoric. Each refers to the other as "the head of the snake". Both
> invoke God and use the loose millenarian currency of good and evil as
> their terms of reference. Both are engaged in unequivocal political
> crimes. Both are dangerously armed - one with the nuclear arsenal of th=
> obscenely powerful, the other with the incandescent, destructive power
> of the utterly hopeless. The fireball and the ice pick. The bludgeon an=
> the axe. The important thing to keep in mind is that neither is an
> acceptable alternative to the other.
> 	President Bush's ultimatum to the people of the world - "If
> you're not with us, you're against us" - is a piece of presumptuous
> arrogance. It's not a choice that people want to, need to, or should
> have to make.
> 	=A9 Arundhati Roy 2001

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