Attacks begin

Gregory Alan Bolcer
Sun, 07 Oct 2001 13:21:33 -0700

>  The raids were expected to last well into the early morning hours in Afghanistan. 

> Pentagon officials told CNN the attacks would include strikes by U.S.-based B-2 bombers 

> and B-52 and B-1 bombers flying from the British base at Diego Garcia, in the Indian 

> Ocean.

Mmmmm. Diego Garcia: Good surf--no crowds (you have to be on active
duty and smuggle a surfboard onto the little island somehow).  The
one place in Asia the US will never surrender.  20 years from
now I'm hoping it'll be a surf resort.


p.s. And an anthem off the DG underground site.

> Here's a great poem by Ralph Blessing
> (Class of 87)
> An island in the ocean,
> paradise this is not,
> we're doomed to spend our tour,
> in the land that time forgot.
> Down with smoke and liquor,
> we're the gallant warriors in blue,
> stuck amidst of nowhere,
> a million miles from you.
> Guardians of the footprint,
> we earn our meager pay,
> supporting naval vessels,
> for two and a half a day.
> Alone and bunked at nighttime,
> yearning for that lovely miss,
> to fondle with sweet memories,
> tosavor that treasured kiss.
> In rain and heat we labor,
> our boots are filled with sand,
> although not classed as convicts,
> but protectors of our land.
> No one knows we're living,
> no one gives a damn,
> who would ever wonder,
> 'cause we're owned by Uncle Sam.
> The time we spend on Diego,
> is time we'll never miss,
> let NMPC get you,
> but don't ever ask for this.
> When pearly gates are opened,
>  and life will be anew,
> our frowns will turn to laughter,
> and the joke will be on you.
> For high above in heaven,
> you'll hear St. Peter yell,

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