the untouchables of India

Carey Lening
Mon, 8 Oct 2001 11:25:39 -0700

I'll save you the step...

> Carey,
> I meant to post my reply to FoRK (and indeed did when I realised I'd
> mistakenly posted directly to you) -- is it OK if I reply to this post
> publicly?

You don't have to ask about stuff like that...
> > Carey Lening wrote:
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> > Tom wrote: [snippage] > > India seems to have a more formalized system
> > while ours , like many things > here, is much more open.
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> > As someone who isn't Indian or American that doesn't seem such a clear
> > cut distinction as it obviously does to you. Class systems exist
> > everywhere and the extent to which they're overt isn't necessarily
> > commensurate with the extent to which they're 'open'. When you say
> > 'open' do you mean optional, elective, mutable? To generalise
> > ludicrously for a moment, class mobility is never as easy as it seems
> > to those of us who think we don't care about class. -- Andy
> >
> > While mobility isn't EASY, (which I never said, and I think Tom
> > proved), there is a deliniation, at least in my mind between possible
> > and impossible.  By the remarks i've received on FoRK, it seems
> > mobility in class from India is damn near impossible, and attempts are
> > either socially shunned, or coercively punished.  That is altogether
> > different from the system that exists in the US, and I would argue,
> > the one that exists in many parts of the westernized world.  While I
> > may be born poor, and uneducated, (to pick a good class to start
> > with), that does not mean I'll be forced to live my life poor and
> > uneducated, if I so choose.  The road to conquer this pre determined
> > path will be hard, and for many impossible, but if I so choose, I can
> > change my status, or more likely, my children's status.
> >
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> I don't see such comparisons in India.
>  Armstrong, Tagish

I'm trying to understand exactly what you're getting at here.. Do you mean
comparisons in re: the example I brought up?  If so, thats the point I was
trying to argue.  Such freedom (at least as in regards to the Dalit) doesn't
seem to exist, and thats what I was trying to find out.  Otherwise, I'm
totally lost as to what you were driving at ;)


> --
> Andy Armstrong, Tagish