imaginative solutions to Al Quaeda

Damien Morton
Mon, 8 Oct 2001 16:23:18 -0400

How about a variation of 'assasination politics' in which a bounty is
offered to the person/persons who most closely predict the date of the
first internationally monitored elections in Afganistan in women can

Damien Morton, Technical Director, Dennis Interactive

The glass is neither half-full nor half-empty. Its too big.=20

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I still believe in the power of money.=20
Instead of raging a 50 billion dollar war. Why not award 5 billion
to anyone who can hand over bin laden dead or alive? The current offer
5 million is ridiculously low. To make the offer really serious, the US=20
can set up a couple heavily armed stations through out middle east.=20
If the bounty hunter can arrive at one of those stations, the US can=20
guarantee their safety for life. Once the news is spread to the al
I'm sure some serious in-fightings will start pretty soon. Meanwhile,=20
the US can re-coup the money by releasing real-time satellite tracking=20
of the manhunt to pay-per-view. Finally, state lottery can allow people=20
to bet on where he was captured, whether he is dead or alive, etc.=20