Aid agencies blast U.S. "aid drops"

John Hall
Mon, 8 Oct 2001 14:29:34 -0700

> Secure conditions were essential for the transport of 
> supplies, which meant open borders and agreement by those 
> inside and outside the country that aid convoys would move unmolested.

Which is impossible.

> "Any offensive military action or threat of military action 
> makes it impossible to deliver these conditions," its 
> director, Daleep Mukarjee, said.


> "The most vital need is to prevent people becoming refugees 
> by getting humanitarian aid to their home areas and remove 
> the fear of conflict, which is combining with hunger to drive 
> people from their homes."

The most vital need is to kill all the members of the Taliban and bin
Laden's group, plus all their supporters.  Once all those people are
delivered in small boxes, it may be possible to restore security and
remove the fear of conflict.

Until then, tough.  Not a single truck of food should go in when it
might be eaten by a person carrying a weapon for the Taliban.