Aid agencies blast U.S. "aid drops"

Ryan S. Upton
Mon, 08 Oct 2001 15:12:46 -0700

At 10/8/01 02:29 PM -0700, you wrote:

> >
> > "The most vital need is to prevent people becoming refugees
> > by getting humanitarian aid to their home areas and remove
> > the fear of conflict, which is combining with hunger to drive
> > people from their homes."
>The most vital need is to kill all the members of the Taliban and bin
>Laden's group, plus all their supporters.  Once all those people are
>delivered in small boxes, it may be possible to restore security and
>remove the fear of conflict.

I think that the airlifts aren't the most efficient, and land transport 
significantly better, but food and an understanding that the US has a 
conscience is an important thing to be delivering, and it looks like air is 
the only way to do this until such time as a convey can make inroads from: 
a place of landing, a large airstrip, or better a seaport, this means 
assistance from another State in the area, and we know most don't really 
want our troops on the ground, don't want us crossing in formation, and WE 
don't want to expose that many US soldiers in such an exposed way.

The assistance in the form of food and medicines is only a temporary 
measure in any case,
         "teach a man to fish or just feed for a day".. We must, if we are 
to truly make the lives of the Afghan people (a huge percentage of are not 
those who murdered our citizens, and cannot justly be punished for this) We 
must assist them in feeding themselves with agricultural equipment, 
supplies, etc. Assisting the people in this way can only be done once 
stability in the area is achieved, and I doubt that is possible with the 
Taliban OR the northern alliance, in power, both have terrible human rights 
problems. In doing this we move them at least to a non-interdictive 
neutral, rather than antagonistic.

>Until then, tough.  Not a single truck of food should go in when it
>might be eaten by a person carrying a weapon for the Taliban.

Again, these people who are starving and are not the murders of our fellow 
citizens, If they are to go without food "tough" I say you might try 
fasting until _they_ receive food. The Taliban is capable in war only while 
it has weapons, but to punish thousands to limit the effectiveness of tens 
(which would harvest what food they need  from their fellows while they 
have the power in the form of weapons) is not right in my perception of 
what's right.

It's also dangerous, making new enemies of so many thousands is hardly a 
good way to reduce terrorist forces.

So I would like to disagree with your assertion here.
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the things that seem than by those that are.
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