SOAP is the Esperanto of the Web.

Mr. FoRK
Wed, 10 Oct 2001 21:27:03 -0700

I'm in the middle of reading "New Rules for the New Economy" by Kevin Kelly
and came across a great quote:
"Don't invest in Esperanto".

A lot of what I see with respect to SOAP makes it look like Esperanto -
really cool, but can it wipe out an embedded/locked-in technology (like
HTTP)? Ironic that XML is touted as a 'lingua franca' and seems to be
working well in that role - (although I think Clay Shirky pointed out it is
more like an alphabet than a language).

Esperanto really needs a few good movies and books that people just 'have to
have'. SOAP needs some really good Web Services that people just 'have to
have' - several people have pointed out that a get of stock quotes isn't
that compelling.

What do y'all think?