SOAP is the Esperanto of the Web.

Paul Prescod
Thu, 11 Oct 2001 11:41:53 -0700

"Mr. FoRK" wrote:
> A lot of what I see with respect to SOAP makes it look like Esperanto -
> really cool, but can it wipe out an embedded/locked-in technology (like
> HTTP)? 

HTTP is embedded primarily for information fetching. I agree that using
SOAP for that does not make much sense "getStockQuote" not-withstanding.
But how widespread is support for HTTP PUT?

It is also worth noting that SOAP has a pretty elaborate infrastructure
for explicit routing. I see nothing similar in HTTP. On the one hand,
I've never needed such a thing for any application I've built. On the
other hand, somebody obviously thought that that stuff was pretty
important. I'd rather not dismiss it as useless until I understand what
they meant to use it for.

> Esperanto really needs a few good movies and books that people just 'have to
> have'. SOAP needs some really good Web Services that people just 'have to
> have' - several people have pointed out that a get of stock quotes isn't
> that compelling.

Federated authentication?

 Paul Prescod