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Wed, 10 Oct 2001 22:19:38 -0700

For the record, the definition of a Turducken...

Go visit the url below for more pictures & much more assorted 
details. It is a genuine specialty, though. I've even seen it 
available in the freezer section for $50...

For bonus points, I've added the recipe for lamb-stuffed camel... :-)



We saw this recipe mentioned in a newspaper and tried it for the 
first time in 1990. It is so much better than a regular turkey that 
we have made many more turduckens over the years. This is what we do:

The Turducken will need to cook for 12 or 13 hours at 190 degrees F 
so begin preparation well in advance.


*	20-25 lb whole turkey
*	4-5 lb whole duckling
*	3-4 lb whole chicken (or use a larger chicken and place the 
duckling inside it)
*	corn bread dressing
*	sausage stuffing
*	large roasting pan and rack
*	cotton string and cheese cloth


Whole Stuffed Camel
In a cookbook called International Cuisine, presented by California 
Home Economics Teachers, 1983 (ISBN 0-89626-051-8), you will find:

Stuffed Camel

1 whole camel, medium size
1 whole lamb, large size
20 whole chickens, medium size
60 eggs
12 kilos rice
2 kilos pine nuts
2 kilos almonds
1 kilo pistachio nuts
110 gallons water
5 pounds black pepper
Salt to taste

Skin, trim and clean camel (once you get over the hump), lamb and 
chicken. Boil until tender. Cook rice until fluffy. Fry nuts until 
brown and mix with rice. Hard boil eggs and peel. Stuff cooked 
chickens with hard boiled eggs and rice. Stuff the cooked lamb with 
stuffed chickens. Add more rice. Stuff the camel with the stuffed 
lamb and add rest of rice. Broil over large charcoal pit until brown. 
Spread any remaining rice on large tray and place camel on top of 
rice. Decorate with boiled eggs and nuts. Serves friendly crowd of 

Shararazod Eboli Home Economist, Dammam, Saudi Arabia