NYTimes: email from Israel

Justin Mason jm@jmason.org
Wed, 10 Oct 2001 14:24:17 +1000

Returning to an old thread... here's an apposite quote from Mohamed
Heikal, former foreign minister of Egypt:

  Standing behind everything is the issue of Palestine - unresolved and
  apparently unresolvable. "The current crisis in Afghanistan can spill over
  into other countries," says Heikal, "but the chronic crisis is the
  Palestinian issue."  [...]

  His solution is a Palestinian state and "an Israel for all its
  citizens", where the million Arabs are not second-class citizens. "The
  most important thing is to get religion out," he says. "You are talking
  to me about a Muslim state, yet you are not discussing a Jewish state -
  a state built on religion. That cannot be.  Religion can be no basis for
  a state."