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I try to remember what it was like when I was a kid but it's really difficu=
lt; the world has changed so much since then. I found a paper book the othe=
r day that described the rise and fall of something called the "Internet". =
It started out with people putting up links on computers so that they could=
 follow the link and read things on other computers for free. After it got =
to be popular, companies started to create machines with lots of links that=
 you could search to find things of interest. But someone put up a link to =
something illegal and got sued and had their machine shut down. This happen=
ed a few times and people started to take the links off their machines. The=
 search engine companies were the first to go and without them, you couldn'=
t find anything. Eventually no one put up links anymore because the legal r=
isk was too great. The important thing is that it reduced terrorism. I'm no=
t sure how it could have worked anyway. Anything I write on my computer or =
any music I create gets stored by Word.NET and Music.NET in encrypted forma=
ts to protect my privacy. No one but me, Microsoft.NET and the National Cor=
poration can read or hear my stuff even if they could link to it.=20


On 11-Oct-2001, Carey Lening wrote:
> wOAH.. was I sleeping when they decided to combine the two bills into PAT=
>  From the Usenix mailing group:=20
> >We are most concerned about aspects of two proposed bills, the
> >Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) and the Security Systems Standards and
> >Certification Act (SSSCA), and how they interact with existing
> l>egislation such as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the Digital
> >Millennium Copyright Act. The ATA redefines virtually all computer
> >crime as terrorism, enlarges the maximum penalty to life in prison
> >without parole, allows broad pre-conviction seizures, and,
> >furthermore, does this retroactively, removing the existing statute of
> >limitations. The SSSCA essentially mandates copyright protection in
> >all digital consumer devices and makes disabling or avoidance of
> >copyright mechanisms a felony offense.
> Seriously, when did this happen?? This is egregious, even for politicians=
. WTF does the SSSCA (a bowing down to the copyright bigwigs) have to do at=
 all with NAtional security?  Last I checked, SSSCA was a seperate bill, at=
 least allowing the folks a good war against two bills instead of just one =
monolothic, sure to pass evil. =20
> Jeesus H.  WRiting the congresscritters sounds better than ever...=20
> =20
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