PC Prices

Steve Nordquist signa@birch.net
Wed, 10 Oct 2001 15:02:13 -0700

"Adam L. Beberg" wrote:
> Just helped my parents buy a new PC for my sister... A tiny bit better then
> mine.
> Price: $402.53, including the local sales tax and assembly.

You'd think the pipeline could toss in more memory slots, a NiMH, and let you make
regular state backups to it; add USB2 already....  Even copper microfin heat-
sinks are $25ish.

> And for only $299 more she could have had Windows XP. Guess which OS she
> won't be running. Windows XP is a catalyst for the PC industry my ass!
> *laughs*

It is with MathWorks products $400 less for the Win32 version than the Linux
(1 CPU?!?  Hel-looo win32 distributed virtual CPU software!) version.
Virtex II os the same price, but there's a months-long lag for bugfixes and
features.  Or perhaps WINE is up to the task....

Surely you threw in a copy?  Octave?  Ah.
> I'm just really pissed the iMac is over $1,000 - $450 more even accounting
> for the monitor. If Apple didn't have their marketing head so far up their
> ass I'd have gotten her an iMac in a nanosecond, it would be far better for
> her, and for my parents too, but a Mac was really $$$$ back then.
> *sigh* Must the crappy solution always win?

Ah, I found the iBook quite flat and overwarm, and perhaps they've strengthened
the case to make it a better BTC-adapter in the stand-up model, which should
be well under $1000 at MacWorks for an older model with perks (but yes, X extra.)

Contrariwise, I ended up with some PCs on desks...how does one quiet these
things?  Does DynaMat actually cut sound by 4dB or more?  Go to the corner 
foam foundry, or get Sonex?  I've made enquiry for denser aerogels, but they
promise to be much much more costly than cutting out fans entirely and adding
(according to MaximumPC's back page) an air-cooled water pump (heatsink 
attachments et al) for $50 in toto.

On the other hand, NEC has made some nice, VERY-quiet (your Palm's backlight
is noisier) laptops, but they're over a grand and the display is 800x500 or
such.  Barely enough for her Cubase and Fruity Loops work, unless she's a 
virtual desktops WIZARD. :)  How?  's a reflective LCD!  Transmetazone all
the way.
(Weeps into 6" anechoic chamber lining.)
(or so it seems)
It's all because the force-feedback headphones failed!