Handspring Massager Springboard Module

Steve Nordquist signa@birch.net
Tue, 09 Oct 2001 20:14:20 -0700

Rohit Khare wrote: 
> There is no possible tasteful comment I can imagine for this one... except that it's apparently true. --RK

Got one.  Haven't expected anything from attachment to popular piercing targets, so haven't tried.
Just the thing for a meet 'n greet.
Perhaps if attached to the coffeemaker, it would potentiate caffeine.

Totally off-track for develop-worthy tech, other than being a chink in relentless federal regulations.
If you become Aeronless (the chair design) yet have to debug 3MB of Perl6 or something, this will definitely embrace and extend seat utility.  :)  Or
it would if it had say, 4 electrodes rather than 2; it ran on its own power rather than AAAs; you didn't get up anyhow.
The case where ya can't is covered: http://feswww.fes.cwru.edu/projects/rjtscrf.htm  <-achtung! laaaame.

A quick look inside reveals the proprietary 222N, the proprietary pulse transformer, the proprietary diac,
and the proprietary...where'd they GET these in 8-pin through-hole packages... N555.  But does it revive 1000B/t
ethernet ports?

That said, EMS is a brand at GNC, and FES (=functional= electrostimulation) seems to be the (slightly) science-bent
term for keeping calcium and muscle on cosmonauts, letting/forcing nerve-damaged people to sit or stand up
when in fact their nerves are not in the mood to transmit or trophy otherwise, etc.  Great for healing
torn ligaments and sprains, too.  Nightline interviewed Michael Jordan wearing one....

Finally, gel electrodes aren't incredibly useful compared to metal pads (or maybe I'm supposed to use Corn Silk; feh!)
They set OK under spandex, but stick to cloth better than skin, so....
> Raynet unveils the First Body Massager for Handspring Visor Handhelds
> http://www.handspring.com/company/pr/pr_raynet.jhtml
> Santa Clara, Ca., October 2, 2001‹Raynet Technologies unveiled today the world's first body massager Springboard module for the Handspring
> Visor. Designed by Singapore Corporation, Raynet Technologies Pte Ltd, the Raycom Personal Massager converts the Handspring Visor handheld into 

Quickly, the Unicode Massage and Involuntary Motor Activity (MIMA attachments?) symbolset!