Distributed file systems, using http

Justin Mason jm@jmason.org
Fri, 12 Oct 2001 16:39:54 +1000

"Jim Whitehead" said:

> A Linux file system driver using DAV is the davfs project. If you run DAV
> over SSL, it's relatively secure.
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/dav/

BTW, I didn't mention this the last time davfs was mentioned, but it's
worth pointing out that I added DAV support to AVFS, Miklos Szeredi's
virtual filesystem.

AVFS is a user-space filesystem driver, which "enables all programs to
look inside gzip, tar, zip, etc. files or view remote (ftp, http, dav,
etc.) files, without recompiling the programs."

It's quite neat, because mounting is not necessary; AVFS uses an
automounter-style syntax where you can just access remote/archived files
without having to mount the "filesystem" first.  Instead you run an alias
which sets an environment variable to indicate that AVFS is to be


I'm not sure how well the DAV code works though, since I ran out of time
to work on it :( .   But it *is* there ;)