Distributed file systems, using http

Vinod Kulkarni vinod@persistent.co.in
Fri, 12 Oct 2001 12:30:51 +0530

With DAV now going mainstream, we should expect Proxy DAV services
that connect multiple, geographically distributed DAV services.
Such services should help in:
  - Centralized namespace management - i.e. a lot of freedom
    in how different people would like to access same resource.
  - Of course, decentralized administration
  - Local attributes attached to remote DAV resources
  - Good control over versioning
  and so on. They will probably be integrated with firewalls.

Such proxy DAVs also move the filesystems from being OS specific to 
being user specific. So irrespective of where I login from, I will see 
exact same structure. Different parts of the directory tree will 
probably imported from other users/agencies, and/or exported to other users.

We also require good control on offline data. The user-centric 
filesystem should help in this: It can integrate offline and online data 
in a seamless manner. What that means is: The filesystem under my 
administration is partly online and partly offline (in CDROMs, tapes 
etc.). Any Writable CD or harddisk newly added to such system will be 
formatted such that it has permanent ID allocated. And the "space" is 
added to your pool of available space. And so on ...


Jim Whitehead wrote:

> The work on the Self-Certifying File System might also be relevant:
> http://www.fs.net/sfs/new-york.lcs.mit.edu:85xq6pznt4mgfvj4mb23x6b8adak55ue/
> pub/sfswww/index.html
> Its decentralized administrative control might be appealing in a universe
> where the medical records are under user control.
> As for a "Web" file system, UFO is also related work:
> http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/alexandrov97ufo.html
> WebFS is another example:
> http://www.cs.duke.edu/~vahdat/webfs/webfs.html
> A Linux file system driver using DAV is the davfs project. If you run DAV
> over SSL, it's relatively secure.
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/dav/
> - Jim
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>>So I'm talking with this group developing a secure distributed file
>>system for medical records*, and the grant-giving organization I'm
>>advising wants examples of other attempts at distributed file systems
>>over the Web for comparison, and to make sure the PING group is not
>>re-inventing the wheel.
>>I'm sending them to Web DAV and XMLStorageSystem. What else is out
>>there I should know about?
>>* http://www.chip.org/chip/research/projects_ping.html
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