Britain says bin Laden likely has biological weapons

John Hall
Fri, 12 Oct 2001 10:22:57 -0700

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``What we're not sure about is whether they've got a delivery
mechanism,'' he told Australian Broadcasting Corp. television.

OF course they got delivery mechanisms...Its called PEOPLE

Low Techo rules in effect.


No, Low Tech doesn't rule here.  At least not if you want to cause mass

They can get Anthrax, but using Anthrax as a weapon is exceptionally
hard.  You can assianate a person with Anthrax, and you only need one
person to do that.  But actually causing mass deaths is really hard.
You have to handle the bugs *just* right to stress them into becoming
spores and then you have to put them in the air at *just* the right

Now, if they do have a virulent strain of SmallPox they could deliver
that low tech.  The problem is getting the bugs.  The secondary problem
is that while it would shut down the US for a few weeks, it would
eventually sweep Islamic countries.  You might kill 500K Americans, but
you'd also kill 50M Muslims.  And that is before we pulled the big