Britain says bin Laden likely has biological weapons

John Hall
Fri, 12 Oct 2001 12:07:00 -0700

I addressed the problem of them actually killing very large numbers of
people.  That isn't as easy as it looks, and too many people have the
idea it only takes a couple of test tubes and the will to do harm.  It

As for just frightening people, you can do that for awhile.  But
eventually people note that not that many people are dying.
Furthermore, you are losing terrorists at a fairly high rate without
doing a lot of damage.  The Weathermen might have succeeded in creating
some terror, but it wasn't effective long lasting terror.

As for the rules being off, maybe.  At the very least we need to be
ready to dispose of them.  I'm a little more confident of our ability to
do a lot without disposing of them than I was.

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> --]No, Low Tech doesn't rule here.  At least not if you want 
> to cause mass --]casualties.
> Oh come on, where are you hidding? The name of the game is 
> TERROR, of making it so our society becomes bogged down in 
> fear and panic such that all the postive aspects are either 
> dropped, taken away for safty reasons, 
> or we just plain spazz out .
> There is no denying that  low techo-fu is enough to do this. 
> The WTC is a smoldering pile of proof, the recent Anthrax 
> rumors are becoming anohter. 
> If you think they are worried about doing it "right" and 
> "proper" and all that Marquis of Queensery crap then just 
> paint the word VICTIM on your forehead now and get it over with.
> All that will need to be done is cause enough of an apperance 
> of a problem, the media and our propigation will do the rest.
> Thankfully there are folks already thinking this through 
> realizing that the gloves are off, the rule books are 
> worthlees, and its a sloberknocker of a fight that we are in.
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