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>I think you mean Adolf Berle and Gardiner means, the Modern Corporation and
>Private Propertyk published in the 1930s

yah! I did my master's on this topic which was on the claims over the 
so-called demise of the managerial profession (e.g., Jeremy Rifkin's _The 
End of Work_). *shudder*  _The Modern Corporation and Private Property_ was 
one of those books that I was told I must read in my second year, even 
though I didn't really end up using it much: The assignment's manifest 
function was "background reading", while its latent function was one of the 
degradation rituals associated with the PhD process (as in, "Here read this 
because I told you to and its good for you" which translates to "It was on 
my thesis reading list and I had to read it OR my mentor wrote it and he 
made me read it...)


Where on earth am I getting Burnham  and 1940s from?  hmmmm. Now I'm going 
to have to drag my notes out of that scary filing cabinet!

oh! Wait! I just googled it. I first read of Berle and Gardiner in James 
Burnham's _The Managerial Revolution_ (1941) (which, IIRC, was said to have 
greatly influenced Orwell's criticism of capitalism and to which he 
referred in his many polemics in The Socialist Register)