Jeff Bone
Sun, 14 Oct 2001 14:00:46 -0500 wrote:

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>> A. The free flow of information eliminates middlemen.
>> B. The american economy is primarily built on middlemen.
>> A + B = Danger Will Robinson, we're screwed.
> middlemen = services, for which we gladly pay.

I'll go one step further --- when we manage to get back to our
regularly scheduled programming of ecom, ebiz, consumer plays, and
clicks-n-mortar v. bricks-n-mortar v. pure online, we'll discover a
new definition of "service."  To wit, "services" are whatever we deem
it worthwhile to pay middlemen for. ;-)  For example, the whole idea
of buying furniture purely online proved --- despite net.gain, etc.
--- to be a huge disaster.  That's because retailers provide a
valuable service, renting space in which to house showrooms so we can
see that sofa and sit on it before we buy it.  Their value add is in
letting me touch-and-feel the merchandise, and I'm happy to pay for