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  Hey FoRKers...

      My laptop (a Toshiba 325 CDS) is on it's last leg.  The monitor
      is starting to do funny frizzy things with me, and I fear it is
      not long for this world.  So, in preparation I've decided to go
      laptop hunting.  I already know the hinderances of laptops (less
      speed, less functionality, etcetc) but I grew very attached to
      the portability aspect.  Its always a sexysexy thing to take a
      lappy to a coffeeshop and pick up men (Right Rohit?)

      So here's my question to you FoRKers... I'm interested in buying
      a lappy that will fit my needs.  I want a good strong videocard
      (for DVD watching anime fun), would really appreciate a good
      sound card (for music apps), Need it to have a DVD player as a
      mandatory , and need the processor power to support my fixations
      (Anime takes up way too much for my poor toshiba).  I'm thinking
      in the range of 600mhz- 1 ghz if i'm lucky, with a buttload of

      Here's some side stuff that would be nice -- Multiple ports
      (thinking like a docking station here) where midi ports are
      accessible (for keyboard hookup) and a pretty damn clear

      I started geeking around and came across the Titanium g4, and
      drooled... Very sexy laptop... I'm just curious if there are any
      PC counterparts, or would the G4 just be worthy enough to change
      OSes for :)  The unix basis makes me less likely to shun it for
      being a mac :)

      Either way, let me have some suggestions.  The toshiba served me
      well, but this time I want something that will be worth the


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