Gary Lawrence Murphy
15 Oct 2001 00:04:45 -0400

>>>>> "S" == Stephen D Williams <> writes:

    S> Not 'always'.  When is the last time you used a travel agent??

Second last time I travelled to Toronto.  The last time I just
repeated the same excellent booking the CAA travel agent had found.

When I last went to Montreal for the Linux Expo, there again, CAA
found us this little obscure operator about 5 blocks from the
conference center.  Tiny and simple room, but hey, I'm only there to
sleep and it was a darn sight less pretentious (and an order of
magnitude less expensive) than the Hudson in NYC ;)

Of course, we'd first tried the online method.  We tried and
tried. After blowing an afternoon's worth of secretary's wages and
coming up blank (there was a shortage of rooms and an abundance of
very badly designed hotel websites) she called CAA and had a
reservation in less than 15 minutes.

Now, you might say, "did you try travelocity?" but what do think
travelocity _is_?  They don't invent those airline fares, they just
aggregate and evaluate, ie, they are a B, not an A player.  If
anything, Internet just makes it easier to be a service-industry.

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