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Subject: [consume-thenet] Adhoc networking with 802.11


    802.11 enables "adhoc" networking, which is communication between
    stations without an Access Point. This mode has enormous potential,
    most of which is not being realized. Recent IETF work in progress
    enables hosts to automatically assign IPv4 addresses without a DHCP
    server, and resolve names without a DNS server (IPv4 or IPv6). There
    is also IEEE work in progress that addresses the "hidden body
    problem" -- not all 802.11 stations in an adhoc network can
    communicate with each other, because they might be out of range! To
    knit the stations together into a coherent network, they can either
    act as bridges (layer 2 approach) or routers (layer 3 approach,
    MANET). The issue with bridging has been convergence times --
    802.11D spanning tree doesn't converge fast enough to be viable in
    an adhoc network where hosts are constantly moving, associating and
    disassociating with each other. IEEE work in progress on "rapid
    spanning tree convergence" promises to change that. This could
    enable adhoc networks with dozens or even hundreds of users that
    could stretch over a substantial geographic distance.

I'm using an orinoco card in ad-hoc mode. It's quite good. This page has some
interesting links to docs on ietf developments that will affect ad-hoc

There are some other good links relating to security and roaming.



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